Today’s Winner:

You gave me a pen??!!??

I have a soft spot in my heart for Say Anything and almost anything starring John Cusack. When it comes to Say Anything, I don’t really think there is anything exceptional about the film, but my mind focuses on the fact that Lloyd Dobler was the first major film character I could remember who wore a Clash t-shirt.

Today’s winner arrived late in the day with Use Lloyd’s boombox to play the audio from any video on YouTube or almost any other hosted audio file. By default, it will of course play Peter Gabriel’s ”In Your Eyes,” but the real fun comes in when you make a choice out of left field.

For Throne Day

Lloyd Has a Soft Spot for Round Things

Because Lloyd was Dumped

You Knew it was Coming

I had no idea, but apparently Say Anything is now out on Blu-Ray… Probably can’t make Cameron Crowe’s shitty direction look any better.

Today’s Winner: The Ballad of Mike Haggar

Today’s winner was a simple pick. It combines the rough and tumble world of Final Fight! with the flowing prose of the Iliad or Beowulf. Find the time today to learn more about the heroic exploits of May Mike Haggar as he rids his beloved Metro City of the Mad Gears. Bonus points for the inclusion of Odin and Valhalla – don’t worry, it will all make sense soon.

Did you know that a new copy of Final Fight for SNES is $250 on Amazon? Really, it’s true… Kinda wish I would have kept mine in the wrapping, but then I wouldn’t have been able to kick so much Mad Gear ass.